Introducing Solid Foods

When it comes to introducing solid foods, Dr. Mindy recommends BLW.

What is BLW?

BLW is baby-led weaning

Baby-led weaning means that your baby feeds his or her self.  In BLW (baby-led weaning), these foods complement the baby’s diet of breast milk and/or formula.  BLW is supposed to be fun for the baby, as well as the parents. It creates a positive, interactive experience.  The term weaning does not mean that the baby gives up formula or breastmilk.  Food is to be given in addition to the breast milk or formula.

BLW creates a playful way to explore foods and practice new oral motor patterns.  They eventually develop the oral motor patterns for chewing and swallowing.  BLW allows the baby to be in charge of the food entirely.  They will be in charge of when, how and what food goes into their mouth.

Baby-led weaning allows the baby to set the pace for their own meal. It can be a very messy and exciting experience! 🙂  The baby learns by watching and imitating their parents creating a positive family eating experience.

At the start of the process, the baby is allowed to reject food. The rejected food may be offered again at a later date. While practicing BLW, the baby decides when he/she is done eating.  You do not need to try to spoon feed the baby more food to “fill them up”.  The baby is to eat at his/her own pace with no rush.  Water is sipped on during each meal. Soft fruits can be given as is, but harder foods are to be cooked to soften them.  Foods should be soft enough to chew on with bare gums.  Foods such as yogurt can be offered with a spoon. You should still avoid the classic “choking hazard” foods such as peanuts, popcorn, chips, etc.

Dr. Mindy recently posted an article on her own personal Facebook page in support of BLW. In her post she states “Research definitely supports no food until after 6 months. Look into baby led weaning (BLW) when you do introduce foods. BLW is best for your baby and the development of the face, teeth and jaws.”

Dr. Mindy describes how BLW promotes good oral and facial development. Click to view Dr. Mindy’s article on baby-led weaning.  (Baby Led Weaning (1))

Written by Alyssa Foltz

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