Water your way to a healthy mouth!

Pictured from left to right: Mellysa (Dental Hygienist) and Dr. Melinda Hochgesang

Water is essential in helping prevent a dry mouth.  Dry mouth causes the gums and tissues to become inflamed. A dry mouth is more likely to develop rapid tooth decay.  Drinking plenty of water is an important preventative measure.

Easy enough.. just grab a bottled water and chug, right?

It is important to know whether the water you’re drinking is acidic or basic.  Many bottled waters are acidic. When the mouth is at a pH of below 5.5, bacteria that cause cavities are able to thrive and grow. So, drinking anything more acidic puts you at risk for cavities.

Get this —

If you take 1 sip of a more acidic water, it takes 20 minutes for your saliva to bring your mouth back to a neutral pH (7).  How frequently you sip on an acidic drink increases the length of exposure to the acid.  Soda, Gatorade, energy drinks and some brands of bottled water negatively affect your oral and overall health.

We decided to test the pH of
– Various brands of Bottled Water
– Morrison, Illinois tap water
– Rock Falls, Illinois tap water
– Private (well) water near Bettendorf, Iowa


We determined that Fiji and Ice Mountain had the highest pH of bottled water.  We also determined that both tap waters and the private well water were more basic than the each of the bottled waters.

It is important to put down these drinks with a lower pH
Go out, grab an Ice Mountain and tackle your oral health! 🙂

Writer and Videographer – Alyssa Foltz
Editor – Dr. Mindy Hochgesang

Thank you for being our valued patient and friend!


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