Changing Smiles, Changing Lives.

This is how we see ourselves at Cornerstone Family Dentistry

We have been working to create an exceptionally different dental experience for our patients for just over a year and a half in Morrison and just over a year in Davenport. We have done our best to make a positive impact on the local communities by donating dental services, sponsoring events and educating people.
When we started on this journey 1.5 years ago, we knew that we set out to positively change lives. Amazing things have happened to us along the way.
As we attempted to spread joy, we received joy. As we spread love, we were sent more love. As we gave generously, others also gave. The people whose lives we set out to impact have actually profoundly impacted all of us.
Every member of our team has seen patience, acceptance, joy, hope and love in those we serve. We love our team, our mission, our purpose and we also love our patients.
All of you have taken this small business that we call Cornerstone Family Dentistry and you have trusted us with your friends, families and anyone who needed us. For this, we are so thankful. You have been a part of such a critical time in the beginning of our journey and we hope that you know how much we appreciate that.

Thank you for your trust. Thank you for sending others. Thank you for growing our business so we can continue to love and serve.

Thank you for being our valued patient and friend!
Written by Dr. Mindy

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