“I have my dream job now.”

You’re the meaning in my life, you’re the inspiration!



That’s right! Doctor Mindy’s favorite musical group growing up was Chicago!  Speaking of Chicago, Dr. Peterson has said that he wouldn’t be caught dead at a Chicago Cubs World Series game.  So, maybe they don’t have the same taste in “Chicago”, but they do have many other things in common (besides both being dentists)!

Both Dr. Mindy and Dr. Craig are loyal to their family and their religion. The most important thing in Dr. Peterson’s life was becoming a Christian in 2008.  His family, God and being the best dentist he can be are the most important things in his life right now.  Dr. Mindy hopes for her legacy to be that she loved God and others completely and sought to help others.  She values her relationships with people, her family and God.

Outdoor activities are enjoyable for both doctors.  Dr. Peterson truly enjoys hunting.  Sometimes he even shares his deer sticks with the office! You could also find him outside playing softball or golf. Dr. Mindy also used to hunt with her brother and dad, but nowadays she enjoys camping!

Family is always the most important thing in their lives.  Her husband and raising her children are her greatest accomplishments in Dr. Mindy’s life.  Dr. Peterson loves his wife dearly and says that marrying her is also his greatest accomplishment.  Dr. Mindy and Dr. Craig both enjoy living in this area.  They find that people around here are genuine and kind.

Although she enjoys living in this area, Dr. Mindy’s favorite place to be on earth would actually be somewhere tropical. She enjoys vacationing with her family and would love to visit the Galapagos Islands.  She would love to live in the Caribbean if she could take ALL of her family with her! Dr. Craig would enjoy seeing Thailand or spending some time of his life in Africa.

When he was a child, Dr. Peterson wanted to be a meteorologist. He says that recess and the lack of responsibilities were the best part of being a child!  Dr. Mindy was a little fort building doctor when she was a child.  I’m not sure if she still builds forts, but…she is a doctor now!


Dr. Mindy and Dr. Peterson continue their education to provide the best dental care available.  Feeling comfortable at appointments and trusting them as dentists are important to both of them.  They truly care for each and every existing patient and new patient.

When I asked both of the doctors  what their dream job is…

They both replied with the same answer…

“I have my dream job now.”


Thank you for being our valued patient and friend!


Written by Alyssa Foltz



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